Paper on Excitonic Collective Mode
Takada retired from ISSP in March, 2016 and becomes a Professor Emeritus from June, 2016. He continues his research activities with the same intensity as before.

Recent Papers: On superconductivity 1 & 2, On Luttinger liquids 1 & 2, On Kondo problem, On GW calculation
Activity Reports: 1. GWGamma(2001a), 2. Geometric phase current(2001b), 3. Metallic phase between two different insulators(2002a),
4. S(q,w) in metals(2002b), 5. Chemical bonding and quantum fluctuations(2003), 6. Stopping power of solids(2004),
7. Spin polarization in an atom-embedded electron gas(2005), 8. Polarons in Jahn-Teller crystals(2006), 9. Nonlocal f_xc in TDDFT(2007),
10. Mechanism of superconductivity in GIC(2008), 11. Anomaly in supercritical liquid metals(2009), 12. Improvement on the GWGamma(2012a),
13. Quantum phase transition of light(2012a), 14. Superconductivity in Jahn-Teller crystals(2013),
15. Kondo temperature in a single proton-embedded electron gas(2015)

Ph. D Thesis (1978)

Carbon-Based Superconductors

Jahn-Teller Effect

Walter Kohn

Annual Acomplishments List

Yasutami Takada:

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